Copyright Counselors is a boutique art and entertainment law firm and literary agency offering artists, writers, and creative professionals reliable legal backing for their business needs.

We specialize in legal services for creative industries and individuals, including copyright registration and copyright infringement claims, trademark registration and trademark infringement claims, art licensing, publishing agreements, and other intellectual property matters. We also provide general commercial legal services, such as commercial litigation, defamation resolution, entity formation, business issues and contracts, Amazon brand protection, and other transactional matters.

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Copyright Counselors, LLC is an art and entertainment and intellectual property law firm dedicated to serving creators.

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Unlike many of our competitors, we ensure you can be recognized as the legal owner of your work in Court by properly registering a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office. Learn More

Copyright Registration

Need to register a copyright? Copyright Counselors provides an affordable copyright registration service to protect your creative expression, performed by one of our experienced attorneys. Start Now!

Trademark Registration

Need to register a trademark? Copyright Counselors provides affordable and comprehensive trademark registration service to protect your brand, performed by one of our experienced attorneys. Start Now!

Brand Protection

Our team has exensive experience with Amazon brand enforcement, distribution agreements, brand gating, and Amazon trademark and copyright issues. Call us to find out more!


A compilation of helpful articles, podcasts, videos, and original content from the Copyright Counselors Team. Available Here

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Learn more about some of the artists, writers, companies, and creative industry professionals Copyright Counselors advises and represents.

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