Why use Copyright Counselors?

Copyright Counselors is a boutique intellectual property law firm offering the services of Licensed Attorneys experienced in the copyright registration process.  We ensure you can be recognized as the legal owner of your work in Court by properly registering a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office.  While many of our competitors offer notarized evidence of your creation of your work, only a valid copyright registration will allow you to fight infringement in U.S. courts.

Our online form has been designed to be fast and easy to use, but we understand that copyright is a complex matter, so feel free to contact us with questions, and we’ll personally walk you through the process at no extra charge.

At Copyright Counselors, our goal is to develop a dedicated client base by providing artists and creative professionals with reliable legal backing for their business needs. We also provide legal services for copyright infringement, trademark registration and trademark infringement, art licensing, and other legal issues for artists and creative professionals.

Legally binding U.S. copyright protection, in the form of a Certificate issued by the U.S. Copyright Office, is the best way to demonstrate legal ownership of your work, and is required to file a lawsuit for copyright infringement in U.S. courts. A copyright registration can also potentially entitle you to statutory damages and attorney’s fees in a copyright infringement lawsuit (along with damages, the infringing party may have to pay the copyright owner’s attorney fees).

Entitlement to statutory damages and attorney’s fees is important because a successful copyright infringement plaintiff may otherwise only be entitled to the net profits of the infringer.  In other words, your ability to receive damages may be at the mercy of the business skills of the person or company who infringed your work – likely a losing bet.